hungarymud is formed in the thermal waters of the rural Kolop region, where it has been excavated in the same manner since the 1890s. It was first discovered when residing farmers noticed their animals lived longer and had higher reproduction levels compared to those in neighbouring areas. This encouraged them to discover the secret of their healthy livestock!


At the same time these farmers drank and used the water on their bodies and noticed minor ailments were quickly cured. Salut Per Aqua (SPA), 'health through water'.... there is a no more genuine spa product than hungarymud!


In 1893 farmers invited government health ministers to evaluate the local water and earth. They were deemed therapeutic,so the authorities dug a well and a bore hole. So many people flocked to the area for 'the cure', that a spa was built close to the excavation site. All that remains today is one concrete bath in the middle of a forest.


However the mud is still excavated in the exact same way as it always has been, except that now a tractor, not a donkey, turns the winch that bores the hole. The mud is air dried, filtered and packaged.