"Each year, 8000 Kolop mud treatments are performed at our Institute with remarkable advantages". "Kolop mud has become a preferred modality of physiotherapy. In our opinion therefore, the therapeutic efficacy og Kolop mud is highly satisfactory"


Dr Csermely, National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, Hungary


"The intense heat conveyed by Kolop mud packs stimulates tissue circulation: this effect is deeper and has a more intense softening effect on fibrotic tissue... The application of Kolop mud is a traditional treatment to alleviate joint stiffness"


Dr Romeny Horvath, Department head, Szecheny Spa Day Care Centre, Budapest.


"To my delight during my first Hungarian Wellness Mud body wrap treatment I was able to lay on the treatment couch pain free for 30-minute duration of the treatment... and was able to sit up without any discomfort or stress to my lower back and shoulder areas. For days after I was able to feel improved blood circulation throughout my whole body."


Mary Hannigan, Founder, LaStone Therapy and sufferer of rotator cuff tear and back injuries from two car accidents.